Virtual EMS

If you are experienceing technical difficulties with this website, please contact the UC Event Services Office at 719-255-3664 or


Hello and thank you for contacting the UCCS UC Event Services Office.

From this site you will have the opportunity to browse for open space and request spaces for events.  Our goal is to have all requests made electronically through this website.  If you need to reserve space or make changes to a reservation within the next 72 hours, please contact the UC Event Services Office:  719-255-3664 or

If you have questions about how to reserve a space through this site or are having technical difficulties, please contact the UC Event Services Office:  719-255-3664 or

You will also be able to start your catering order through this website.  There will be catering options for you as you move through the reservation process.  As we receive your reservation we will process your room request and begin your catering BEO.  You will receive both as an attachment when you receive your confirmation.  The link to the catering services website is  From this website you can access the most current catering menu and catering guidelines.

If this event is related to the University's 50th Anniversary Celebration, please check yes on the question and enter a General Note with a description as well.

We look forward to working with you on your event!